The many faces of cotton fabric

The many examples of cotton fabrics
Cotton is one of the most ubiquitous fibers used in fabric due to its affordability and versatility. Since it is a breathable, natural fiber it is also the most popular fiber used for fashion fabric.
Terry toweling: This is the fabric covered in tiny loops that most of your towels are made from. Since they are soft and absorbent, cotton is an obvious choice.
Flannel: Most commonly found in those pyjama sets that you snuggle into during winter. It has a brushed surface so the fibers aren’t smooth but slightly fluffy.
Denim: Also known as ‘jean’ material. It’s thick and usually mix of blue and white. If you look closely there is a special weave known as ’twill’ that looks like diagonal lines.
Drill: again the special twill weave that has the diagonal pattern. This is fabric doesn’t always have to be blue but it is a weightier fabric and good for clothes that need to withstand a bit of action and hold shape like a fireman’s uniform.
Calico: That off-white, stiff, thick fabric that is used for shopping bags due to its sturdy nature. Cheap and easy to work with since it holds its shape well.
Quilters cotton: Abundant in craft and fabric stores, this is slightly sturdier than other apparel fabrics but can be used for craft, clothing and of course quilting. It is available in a wide range of colours, prints and patterns.
Lawn: Delicate, thin, silky-feel fabric. This if often used for those summer dresses or blouses because it feels nice to wear, breathes well and drapes beautifully.
Voile: Another delicate, soft-feel, semi transparent (think ‘veil’) fabric that is a bit like chiffon. Since it is like a veil it can be used for sheer curtains as well as in a layered dress.
Jersey: The cotton threads are knitted together instead of woven which gives the fabric a different sort of density as well as some stretch. This helps to reduce the wrinkles that cotton is famous for. A lot of t-shirts use 100% cotton jersey.
Cotton is also commonly mixed with other fibres both synthetic and natural to give it other qualities like stretch, strength, shine or silky-feel. Have a look at your clothing tags and see the variety.